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Default GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

I stand among men
Speaker and servant of gods
Divine spark in hand
— Some hack
New on e23 this week is GURPS Powers: Divine Favor, by the suitably named Rev. Pee Kitty. Remember how GURPS Psionic Powers took all the complicated lessons of GURPS Powers and used them to build ready-made power frameworks for psionics? This supplement does the same for holy abilities – the sort that part seas and smite the undead. It comes with all the trimmings, including rules for praying for spontaneous miracles, numerous fully worked set-piece abilities, several new variations on the Blessed advantage, thoughts on tying divine powers to priestly rank and clerical magic, and advice on such campaign-planning issues as "one god vs. many" and "good vs. evil." Whether your goal is to empower flashy Dungeon Fantasy clerics or to give a cult priest sinister gifts in a modern-day horror campaign, Divine Favor is like a gift from the gods.
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