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Originally Posted by Vilobion View Post
Steal from Pocket Dimension:
Spell Effects: Lesser Sense Crossroads, Lesser Control Crossroads, Lesser Control Matter
Inherent Modifiers: None
Greater Effects: None

This spell allows the caster to sense if any individuals nearby have access to a pocket dimension and then allows the caster to steal from it. The spell is 'blind' about what it steals. This means without adding additional spell effects the caster gains no information about what they are stealing or the capability to control what they specifically take- they move items up to the weight limit they specify when casting.

Typical Casting: Lesser Sense Crossroads (2) + Lesser Control Crossroads (5) + Lesser Control Matter (5) + Subject Weight, 30LBS (1) + Range, 100 yards (10) = 23 energy

Notes: This would work in the MH campaign I'm playing in because the GM has specified that personal pocket dimensions leave weak spots tied to the individual who can access them. Your mileage may vary. Range is range to the person who owns the pocket dimension, while weight controls how much you can steal. Extra energy may be needed to overcome the spell energy of casters who spell their own pocket dimensions into existence.
Ditch Lesser Control Matter and make Control Crossroads a Greater effect (which you need to grab the pocket dimension). Add a Greater Sense Crossroads effect if you're trying to steal a specific pocket dimension from someone. You'll need to add extra energy for a extradimensional range as well (+10 energy). As a GM I would require you to succeed a Path of Crossroads skill roll vs. the caster whose pocket dimension you're trying to steal - success means its your now. Otherwise - looks good.
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