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Default Re: Book Idea: GURPS Skills

I think as an SJG product it's a non-starter. The concept goes against the line's current aversion to omnibus books - especially if they're highly duplicative.

What's needed isn't so much a write-up on every single skill but clarification on the mechanics in all the weird edge cases we see in the forums. But that's not going to happen either, because they're weird edge cases and the only people who run into those problems and care enough about absolute precision are already here, on the forums, asking the questions.

Also, the state of the industry has moved back away from skill-based systems and toward more ephemeral, abstracted mechanics (and not only the ones that are "storytelling" based, the mere thought of which makes my skin crawl). If SJG wants GURPS to claw back some market share (as evidenced by DFRPG and the new hardcovers), a skill book is the absolute best way to do precisely not that.

Would there be a market for a supplement like that among forumgoers?
Yes, but like a broken record I repeat, we are not the target audience.
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