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Originally Posted by Malkavman View Post
In what instances is damage from a monster or weapon with Life-O-Suction considered "dealt"?

Does weapon defense reduce suctioned health?
Does armor that prevents damage reduce suctioned health?
If damage is dealt to an ally, does the suction take the amount that the ability can take, or is the maximum the life of the ally? (Life-O-Suction 3 vs ally life of 2, does hero heal 3 or 2?)
If you reference the Monster Damage section of the rules you can see that the process for dealing damage is to take tokens equal to the attack power of the Monster, return to the stockpile a number of tokens equal to the total defense, and then apply the tokens to Allies or Hero cards, depending on the scenario. If there are no tokens remaining after the defense is calculated, no damage is dealt.

If you check the same section of the rules above, and look at the One Committed Ally section, you will see "If the damage dealt to an Ally is greater than its life, the Ally is squished, but no damage carries through to the defender." The damage is still dealt, even if the Ally has less life than that, so if your Life-o-Suction value is high enough, you could get back more than the Life total of the Ally.

Applies to damage only. Prevent an amount of damage as specified by an ability. If less damage is dealt/taken than the amount being prevented, prevent all damage dealt/taken (in this case, only the amount of damage that was dealt/taken is prevented). Damage prevention is an interrupt.
Damage that is prevented means a damage token is not placed on a target card, as it interrupts the damage dealing process. Therefore that damage is not dealt, and cannot be Life-o-Suctioned.
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