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Default Re: Defense bonus and ATR

Originally Posted by munin View Post
I think the simplest would be to use the Time Spent scaling (p. B346): each doubling gives +1. Thus someone with ATR 1 could justifiably purchase DB +1, ATR 3 for DB +2, ATR 7 for DB +3, etc.
Each doubling only giving +1 would give unrealistically small bonuses though. ATR 31 would only give a bonus of 6, but relative to someone moving 32 times as fast, the attacks from normal people would seem extremely slow. That is less than one frame per second for normal video!

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
What about allowing a Power Dodge per level of ATR? You would then be able to add Speed Talent (or whatever).
Why just one per level of ATR? There is no limit to only one dodge per second for normal people.
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