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Default Re: How to avoid broadcasting Choir/Band

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Have them encounter slick charming humans with an agenda every once in a while.
Just going to echo this one more time. Make sure they meet humans of all stripes -- even including Soldiers, if you want to keep most NPCs in on the War -- or else they'll be trying to figure out "what's this one's Choir/Band?" for everyone they meet.

I had this issue myself, introducing so many demons and angels, and so few humans, that players came to just expect everybody they met was celestial. As part of my own personal mission to change that up and introduce some more surprises, I threw them a Soldier of Hell who was a police officer on a mission where they were told NOT to create any disturbance or injure any humans ... and they killed him with impunity. It was a real learning experience. :)
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