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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Bad Lux 2 by Swordtart:
Luxury; Light chassis; Light suspension;
Medium PP w/PCs, SCs;
4 PR tires
2s Turret T and 2 x 2 Spc Rocket Magazine and 18 AP Mini Rocket (T)
18 AP Mini Rocket (F).
Link all rockets in turret. Link all rockets front.
Armour: 99 pts. Plastic (F: 20 R: 15 L: 15 B: 20 T: 20 U: 9).
Cargo 1 spc, 10lb.
Cost: $9,620, Wgt: 4,820, HC: 1, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.

Not the best car, but the fireworks display sure is pretty ;)

A saving of $160, 1 space and 10 lb over the Lux above. This might be enough to buy a couple of dischargers or maybe an empty bulk ammo box to put in the trunk as non-AADA approved armour.

At first sight, the average damage from the front volley is the same as the version above but with the added risk that it won't go through metal armour as well. As a trade, the chance of missing with everything is lower, which in other than the most favourable circumstances will probably result in a better outcome, the chance of hitting with everything is also lower, we just flattened the probability curve (which with a small magazine is a GOOD THING).

The damage from the turret will clearly depend on circumstances and whether a pair of low-probability hits doing 3d6 each over 3 turns is better than four/six low-probability hits doing 1d6 each over 4 turns. Clearly the fact that the chance of hitting increases significantly with sustained fire after the first shot may have beneficial effect which will be more pronounced in the 12 MNR vs the 4 HR shots.

I noticed an oversight in that there are only 4 rocket magazines (each holding 4 rockets for a total of 12 in addition to the 6 on top) - Rocket Magazines are not fully integrated into CWVD. Ideally we would have 6 magazines of 2 shots, but that isn't possible under the rules. So we have 6 tubes of MNRs with only 4 of them fed from magazines holding an additional 3 shots each (maintaining our overall magazine of 18 shots). So our first volley will be 6 rockets and each subsequent one will be 4 (as the link dry fires 2 empty tubes). For the cost of an extra link you could save the unfed pair for when you wanted (i.e. when have acquired a sustained fire bonus).

It's not an ideal configuration, but I don't think there are any rules against it.

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