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Originally Posted by 43Supporter View Post
Culled from the "*REALLY* Low-Tech Design" file:

Luxury; Std. chas.; Lt. susp.; Large PP [2,000 PF]; 4x PR tire; Driver. 2-sp. Turret; 2x 2-sp. Rocket EM [Tu.]; 12x HR [6x F; 2x Tu.; 4x REM], 4x Link [1 ea.: 6 HRs F; ea. pair Tu. HRs]. Plastic Armor: F, B, T: 20; L, R: 15; U: 9. Acc.: 5; TS: 95; HC: 1. $9,780; 5,500 lbs.

Slow, clumsy, inaccurate, and a bigger target than the compacts and subcompacts it will most-likely be fighting; but if it can score hits, it will do some serious damage.
Yoiks! A real eggshell armed with a hammer approach.

I am unsure about the links. Do you need links for the rockets in the rocket magazines? (I am assuming here REM is rocket magazine as I haven't seen REM as an abbreviation before) I understood that the magazines fed into the launch tubes in the turret and only the tubes need to be linked.**

With no dedicated gunner (and such poor HC that you are going to need lots of skill points in driver), no electronics and really inaccurate weapons (with the majority with no hope of getting sustained fire) the IF in "if it can score hits" is a biggie. You need to be very close before the engagement starts, otherwise even a single MG will likely chew through your armour before you get close enough to stand a reasonable chance of hitting with the HRs*.

I think this demonstrates why a standard chassis is seldom worth the saving. A heavy chassis only costs $400 but would allow you to use the extra 500 lb still left in the plant which is an extra 50 points of armour.

*I might be inclined to replace the HRs mounted front with mini-rockets to save weight and cost ($300 and 240 lb). You would at least then be launching a volley of 18 from the front which increases your chance of a lucky hit. It's a more difficult choice with the turret as you could choose a number of configurations for the rocket magazine if you use MNRs rather than HRs.

You could even squeak a light chassis (and thus be able to get away with a medium plant with PC's) add a little armour and save even more money. This would of course be a death trap ;)

** Your cost seems under by $100 so I suspect that you included only 2 links after all.

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