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Default Re: [GAME] Conceive a Cross Dimensional Fantasy Milieu

Question 4 - Climate and Geography
What are the climate(s) and geography of Calledron like?
Calledron receives its moisture not from rain or snow, but from clouds of mist that drift aimlessly through fragment. Most of the basin is composed of the Crocodile's jaw, and that comparatively flat surface usually has warm summer weather, fed by streams coming from the massive teeth lining the basin. The basin's weather is somewhere between tropical and an endless summer, depending on the speaker's reference point. It is covered in lush forests, farms, and gardens, fed by some of the most dependable weather on on the worlds. If not for the towering bare teeth lining the basin, one could be forgiven for forgetting they were standing on a massive skull.

The largest body of water is a long thin lake running down the center of the basin, about 1,000 miles long.

The cavity that once contained the brain is dark, and is known as the great cavern. This is as opposed to the myriad smaller caverns found throughout the former titan's bones. The Bone has a tendency to condense water on it, making the cavern, as well as the back on bones on fragment, cold, dark, and somewhere between icy and wet.

Question 5:
How does gravity work on Calledron? (and by extension Fragment)

Question 6:
What kind of flora and fauna can you find on Calledron? Feel free to include crops and domestic animals
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