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Default Re: [GAME] Conceive a Cross Dimensional Fantasy Milieu

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
Question 2
How big is the central realm?
(And whats a better name than "central realm"?)
Answer 2 - Fragment and Calledron
The central realm is called Fragment, and the realm's major world and portal nexus is Calledron.

Calledron is a smallish world set in the basin formed by the hollow of the brain pan and top jaw of the upturned skull of a titan-sized crocodile-like beast. The basin is roughly 4000 miles long and 1500 wide and it floats at a steady angle to the sun. The sun rotates like a beacon, bringing cycles of day and night, and other colossal fragments of the beast are visible in the sky- a claw, floating nearby like a large moon, the thorax further away, and many more, most of them similarly inhabited.

The realm, therefore, is a sphere of space about 100,000 miles in diameter, with the surface area of the fragments equivalent to half that of Earth.

Question 3 - The Capital
Where then are the Mother Plains Portal and the seat of governance on Calledron?

Question 4 - Climate and Geography
What are the climate(s) and geography of Calledron like?
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