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Default [GAME] Conceive a Cross Dimensional Fantasy Milieu

The mind yearns to explore new setting ideas before the previous one fades from memory, so let us step through the shimmering portal to execute the genesis of a new multiverse and an associated campaign framework!

This is a collaborative setting construction forum game. The objective is to use our shared talents to put together a setting that combines fantasy, travel between exotic worlds, magical planes and wondrous dimensions, unique and awe-inspiring geographic wonders at every stop, and swashbuckling mercantile adventure.

To be clear, the goal is to make a campaign framework with 3 criteria:
- It's a cross-dimensional fantasy, where there is some means of moving between different worlds and planes of existence.
- It involves extraordinary geographical gimmicks, such as a settlement built on the walls of a bottomless pit or islands in a sea of lava.
- The campaign revolves around trade between these worlds and dimensions.

How exactly these elements will combine is yet to be seen.


The method is to answer a posted question about the setting, then post a question of your own. Build bit-by-bit on what the other posters have written, and try not to contradict anything that's been established. Questions can be anything from the very general to extremely specific, complex or simple, and can follow on from what's gone before or start off a new direction.


To make it easier to read through, clearly mark questions and answers in bold, and quote the question you're answering, in the below format. Also try to use line breaks to break up wall-of-text answers.

Example of post format:
Originally Posted by Daigoro
Question 42) How many dimensions are there?
Answer 42- Dimensions
Somewhere between a multitude and a myriad. The Company has catalogued 68 of them.

Question 43
Which is the Moorcockiest of the dimensions?


Here's a list of previous collaborations:


I'll kick off with the first real question in the next post.
World Wikis:
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Fantasy: Dominion Cross
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
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