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Default Re: 3 hex charge pole weapon rule

These are all really excellent questions!

My own solution is to ignore the entire straight-line requirement, since it wasn't in original TFT and we didn't need it, it especially seems to me not to need it now that the pole weapon charge bonus damage is only +1 die, it doesn't feel right to me, isn't congruent with defensive charge damage, and as you point out, is not really well defined anyway, nor do I think it is easy to fix the definition holes.

I think the intention is probably that 3 hexes of movement means B, since that would be the usual meaning of moving three hexes.

However, Steve went to the trouble to include diagrams of the "3-hex" charge... but he left out counters, and normally I would say those diagrams actually show TWO hexes of movement. Even if it means three hexes of movement, what hex in that diagram does the figure need to START in? Any adjacent to the tail of an arrow, I'd guess.

If I were trying to play strictly rules-as-written, I'd say B, but the start hex can be any adjacent to the tail of an arrow. I'd say yes the charger can change facing, because it doesn't say they can't and it would require more complex rules to explain what the limits are. (But I agree with you it's unclear and doesn't seem to make sense.)

However I'd prefer A), but mainly because I don't like the straight-line requirement anyway. I do think it's possible though that the diagram is right and the rule should read it's really a two-hex straight line requirement, but in that case the figure needs to start IN the hex where the tail of the arrow is.
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