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Originally Posted by JohnPaulB View Post
So, since Orcs are so closely related to Man, it would seem that an offspring might be fertile and produce ... Human Half-Orcs?

But I gather that is not a direction that SJ wants to go. So House Rules it is!
I am sorry I cannot provide the citation off the top of my head, but I think we did go there 38 years ago in TFT:ITL or maybe a TSG article, or...

Anyway, yes, we did use the Half-Orc. As we played it - and I cannot recall where we got all this from - but mostly this was an NPC hireling, normally found in one of the more cosmopolitan and trade-heavy cities of Cidri (think Star Wars Cantina scene here) where nearly every race, and half-race is present and interacting; as opposed to more isolated dominant-race cities in areas further away from the epicenter of bulk trade and commerce. Of course the further out you go, the less and less you see of certain races, and more and more of one race, until you end up deep in _____ country.

The Half-Orc was a wonderful NPC hireling and while shunned by both *real* Orcs and their society, as well as most humans who lived by the motto: "the only good Orc is a dead Orc", as he could interact with both, speak both languages, and knew the customs of both cultures.

Also, in a pinch, depending on his specific continence and coloring, the half-Orc could often pass for an enemy Orc guard, especially with a captured uniform on, or in the torchlight of the underground - many fun plot-lines here!

Often the half-Orc was a real bonus for an Adventure Party.

As a PC, the Half-Orc was played within the group dynamic almost the same as a Mr Spock character from Star Trek (though without the logic and mysticism background) within the Adventure Party - part of the group, but somehow always separate - in this case due to the generally surly attitude and more aggressive nature (but then again, Mr Spock was often viewed as stand-offish and ill-mannered due to his excessive stoicism). Perhaps the better example would be the half-Klingon on the later Star Trek. Yes, Klingons... Orcs with warp-drive technology.

Anyway, yes! Half-Orcs are very cool to use and play indeed.


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