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Default Re: Orcs as player characters

The cover art of ITL and the internal art of all the books really shaped my views of Orcs. The concept of "Orcs are closely related to men; their prehistoric ancestor Orcanthropus, dominated many alternate worlds during Neanderthal days."

Wow, what a very different view from the other RPGs of the time with pig-faced orcs. I also like that Orcs weren't Monster-Types (as in the other games) and that you could make friends with them OR be one.

When I would play D&D and other RPGs, I had the image of TFT Orcs in the back of my mind.

So, since Orcs are so closely related to Man, it would seem that an offspring might be fertile and produce ... Human Half-Orcs?

But I gather that is not a direction that SJ wants to go. So House Rules it is!
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