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Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
That already sounds like fun! Actually it describes a fair subset of men so I see how they could get along with one another. I've played an Orc and had players who ran them and can say it's fun to play a surly, vicious, treacherous character. Sometimes people are reluctant to play humans like that, but playing an Orc, it's almost required and somewhat freeing. I would say it's usually a recipe for a short career though.
Hear, hear! Well said. And let us not forget the beautifully succinct description of an Orc found in 1st Edition Melee, page 19, under: Nonhuman Figures: "An ORC is just like a human figure - except evil."

I played an Orc after my cousin beat me in about our first 6 combats in a row on the first day he introduced me to Melee. I was so irritated, and wanted to destroy his figures so badly, so declared I was going to try an Orc against him, to which he responded: "But they're Evil..", and to which I responded: "Yeeeaaaaah!"


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