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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

Goddesses of war are often really goddesses of conflict, which may extend from death, fertility, nature, etc. There are conflicts within Goddess-1, but they are duels between deities instead of wars, as deities are reluctant to lose their worshippers to violence. Goddesses might have multiple names (and multiple visages), as it is within their powers to change their appearance to fit the beliefs of their followers.

For example, Amaterasu is the sun goddess of the Japanese, but she is also known to the Egyptians as Bast, to the Germans as Sola, the Norse as Freya, etc. There is only one sun goddess, but she is known by many names and wears many visages. Which is the original? Who knows? It does not matter to her, and she would not welcome such questions.
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