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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
There seem to be hundreds of gods (if not countless gods) in the Infinite Worlds (some of whom are on Infinity's payroll, though I wonder what would you be paying to interest a god?).

Transportation is the strongest one I can think of. Gods in IW seem to mostly be isolated on worlds or skerries. The reasons for leaving can vary. Some of them might be bored and looking for new experiences. Some of them may be exiled or disgraced and want to start anew. A mission to break Prometheus out of Hades would make for an awesome adventure. They may want to improve their craft and give their followers new reasons to worship them "And then Vulcan crafted the internal combustion engine, and bestowed it upon his favorite city."

Some deities will fall for mortal gifts. The methods used to draw away Zeus may have some moral implications, but historically gods are said to respond well to worship of all sorts, and can be cajoled into granting favors.

Demi-gods in their young phase do seem like a better class of recruits though.
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