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Default Re: The Woodsman Talent

The Woodsman talent could use some improvement just to work better and be clearer. It also seems like an odd place to stick the rules it has, inside a talent description. Seems like such things belong with other rules about travel (currently stuck on the sample map key) and that they should cross-reference each other.

Issues include:

* it says having just one Woodsman seems enough to not suffer from lack of food or shelter (!?!)

* it collapses exposure with lack of food, giving the same effect for lacking one or the other, or both.

* it gives double/triple penalties for rain, swamp, desert & cold, but combined with the above issue, means you might have no problems with such if they have a woodsman or both food and shelter, but if they lose the woodsman and food, then they take double/triple damage even though they have shelter and the cause of the doubling/tripling seems to be about shelter, not food.

* It says you need half or more Woodsmen in your group or else wilderness travel speeds are halved. (If there's a reason for that, I wish I knew it.)

* Since many parties probably do not have 50%+ Woodsmen, the wilderness travel speed section should probably mention the half-speed effect of not having such.

* Woodsman and Tracking and the travel section also want cross-references to the Lost In The Wilderness section, and/or to have all such rules in one place and the talents & other spots just refer you to that section.

I'd say all of these things could be tidied up and improved, and the effect would, it seems to me, make the game easier to play rather than harder, because things would make more sense and/or be more findable and better explained.

I tend to think it'd help to have each terrain and weather type get a sentence or three that includes such things in one central place, and again I think this could be easier to understand, learn, and play with.

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