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Default Re: Can a Destiean Sabotage someones future to avert their fate?

Originally Posted by chaotic-nipple View Post
I'm not so sure of that. Could David Ben-Gurian have ever found his Destiny, if Adolf Hitler hadn't succumbed to his fate?
In any game of In Nomine I GM'ed, the answer to that question would be 'yes': Ben-Gurion's Destiny, affected by human events as well as affecting them, would simply have been realizeable in some other way. Perhaps he would have managed to found a new state of Israel without a Holocaust.

My interpretation of the morality of Destiny and Fate in this game would be that inducing the damnation of any human (that is, pushing them toward their Fate, not the killing of a dangerous human who has already met their Fate) will never be a benefit to them or any other human. Any angel who espoused the notion in anything other than the most academic philosophical exploration would be cruising for investigation, trial and fundamental behavioral intervention. Any who were found to have engaged in this activity with living humans would be in jeopardy of execution.

Stress and testing, yes, with the intention of purifying or strengthening a human. Consciously damning one person in an attempt to improve the lot of another, never.

At this point, however, we reach the level of personal interpretation. If in your In Nomine, it is occasionally necessary to damn one to save others, that is your game.
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