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Originally Posted by zot View Post
... I wasn't thinking just simple membership, I was thinking ranking membership -- I'll edit the post for that. Ranking membership in an influential organization should cost at least 1 talent point to represent the work it takes to get there. ...
Hi Zot, everyone.
This is an interesting idea. To gain high ranks in a hierarchy, it costs you an experience 'block' to gain.

This is a bit like GURPS spending character points to gain the advantages of military rank, ecclesiastical rank, etc. (Of course, I think in GURPS if you earn it thru roleplaying, you get the advantage for free.) Perhaps if you pay an experience block, you get fast tracked for promotion? Would you have to pay 2 experience blocks to fast track to the second level, and 3 for the third level? How do you see this working?

Zot, you might want to start a new thread of other uses for experience to discuss this idea and others like it.

Warm regards, Rick.
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