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Default Re: Suggested Stretch Goals from Sweden

Yep, I've always preferred and used TFT style characters to miniatures or Cardboard Heroes, and have almost always used TFT-style counters in GURPS.

Even if I weren't into TFT, I would buy flat TFT style counters for use GURPS.

Flat counters are easier to use in actual play than miniatures or stand-up cardboard figures, especially when bodies fall, get stood upon, pigpile in HTH combat, etc.

It is also lovely that flat counters can be created extremely easily and cheaply by players/GMs. All you need is a square with a small picture on it - no painting, no rear view, no 3D object that takes up space and needs to be able to stand up. You can just take any figure picture that is a full-body view and shrink it to the right size, and you've got a usable counter.

A bestiary with full counter set would be awesome, and I'd buy it even just for the counters (unless it were all wacko creatures I wouldn't use in my games). There were not enough counters for everything in original TFT (especially missing were horses & other mounts).

And of course a cool 14-hex dragon would be sensational... as would more intermediate sizes, as would large dragon counters than can change shape a bit - it could be pretty spectacular and eye-catching / inspiring.

I think if you want to promote TFT, images of battles showing off maps & counters in interesting situations would go a long way to showing what's cool about TFT (i.e. battle situations where the maneuver/positions/map/situation are important and interesting and a large part of what play is about).
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