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Well, after 40 years of playing this game I have the impression that perhaps, perhaps, some type of second level of skill might make sense, perhaps akin to the "orphaned" approach given prior.

To the point, once someone gets ax/mace talent only DX really affects how they do.

Archers can ramp up with Missile Weapons, Thrown Weapons is for guys that specialize in throwing stuff, UC I-V for those that practice martial arts, but there really is no progression past IQ 8 or 9 for becoming more skilled with a blade or axe. Fencing talent doesn't really do it, maybe it could be replaced.

Perhaps something aligned with aimed shots, where the skill reduces the DX disadvantage when an aimed shot is taken a point or two, making more pinpoint damage a possibility beyond just being "faster" and hacking generically at a foe.
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