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Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Sorry all, for repeating some arguments, but think of this as collecting them into one place.

When read the Fafrd / Grey Mouser stories, I assume that these awesome swordsmen were great because Greywand and Catsclaw (their weapons) were awesome. Did those blades have +5 w/ae on them? Did they have a built in charm? Then Fritz Leiber mentioned in passing that several times their blades broke, and they replaced them with similar weapons.

This blew my mind. They were great not because of their equipment, they were great because they were awesome swordsman!!!

I tried to think how I would make them in TFT. They would take Sword, and Fencing and... nothing. The only way to distinguish them was endlessly raising their attributes.
I don't think the solution to this is to have lots of Advanced combat Talents. Those two heroes will skillfull sure, but mostly they were lucky, that's why I moved towards luck/hero points for advancement beyond the medium level. I believe Steve has mentioned some sort of "Karma" points and I think that's the way forward.
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