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Hi all, Steve.
I would suggest the following classes of talents:

1) Second level of talents for orphans. Most skills in TFT have two levels of talents. (Sword & Fencing, Naturalist & Woodsman, Charisma & New Followers, etc.) However, some talents are 'orphans', with only one level. (Pole Weapons, Shield, Running, Guns, Spy, etc.) Give these single level talents a second level to back them up. (Shields in TFT are pretty weak, and an advanced Shield talent would be a welcome addition to TFT, and something that gives people some defence.)

2) A better stealth, a hiding, and an camouflage / ambush talent. The only thing for stealth is Silent Movement (which also makes it an orphan above). Give rules for contests of search and stealth, to make Thieves, Ninjas, and Rangers more interesting.

3) A half dozen kick ass talents. These are hard to get talents like Unarmed Combat v. They are awesome which gives heroes something to aspire to, and help keep these characters competitive with high level wizards. Some suggestions:

-- Strike Master. Vast knowledge of the weaknesses of many races, monsters, and animals. You do +2 damage, and have a much better chance of getting a critical hit when you hit if you are using those optional rules.

-- Trained Reflexes. Like UC v but for guys with weapons & armour. You are just harder to hit.

-- Expert Defender. The defend option is better for you, and if the enemy misses by a LOT, you get a free counter attack.

-- Logistics / Management. This can combine with any top level talent to allow you the abilities to run a major operation. This plus Spying makes you the Spy Master. This plus Master Seaman makes you the Captain. This plus Master Thief makes you a Thief Lord. This plus Strategist makes you a General.

-- Trained Judge of Character. You are much better at detecting lies, detecting attempts to manipulate you, and figuring out what motivates people.

4) Miscellaneous Talents. Some odds and ends. Suggestions:
-- A Judo talent that is for HTH. Makes it easier to get into HTH, or make it harder for someone to get you in HTH, making or avoiding pins. Being taken down into HTH is a frustrating random roll. This talent gives you some control over your fate HTH wise.

-- A talent for knocking people out with out killing them. To Kosh or sandbag someone. (Note that concussions can do permanent damage, but this is a cinematic talent that never does permanent damage.)

-- A Fast Draw talent.

-- A security / police talent to give top ninjas a minor boss.


I think that 20 well chosen talents would GREATLY improve TFT. They had a huge impact for a small cost in my campaigns.

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