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Default Re: Suggested Stretch Goals from Sweden

Originally Posted by tbone View Post
... I agree that flat counters are very TFT.

Another bonus to these:

If the counters are flat, and if the hexes they're designed for are 1" hexes, and if they'll be available for separate purchase (not just as part of the Kickstarter). ...
Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Oooh! I SO second this motion! In fact, we're back to the point where I would cheerfully incorporate my soul and give 40% of the stock to SJG if you do this!
Hi Everyone,
I totally agree with tbone and JLV above.

I suggest that the 23 mm hexes from MELEE and WIZARD are changed to 25mm hexes. (This will make the hexes fit better for those using miniatures, and match GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy product.)

Counters sheets with a bunch of cool monsters would be very attractive to me.

Warm regards, Rick.
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