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Default Re: Suggested Stretch Goals from Sweden

Re flat counters:

I agree that flat counters are very TFT.

Another bonus to these:

If the counters are flat, and if the hexes they're designed for are 1" hexes, and if they'll be available for separate purchase (not just as part of the Kickstarter)...

...they'll be a new product not just for TFT players but also GURPS and Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game players.

Both of those games demonstrate combat in their rulebooks using flat figures, including multi-hex, top-down animal/monster figures, just like old-fashioned TFT. Yet SJG only sells stand-up Cardboard Heroes figures for GURPS, and even includes the same with Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. That's no real problem where 1-hex figures are concerned, but for big monsters and animals, the games' stand-up figures don't map to the diagrams shown in the books. Sure, GMs can make do, but the mismatch between the games' flat counters and the provided stand-up counters is an oddity.

So, the suggestion in a nutshell: Use flat 1" hex-scale counters for TFT, and make the counters available as a standalone product. Poof, SJG gains a product that it can also offer to GURPS and Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game players who want to use the sort of counters that their books actually describe.

Any merit in that? Drawbacks?
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