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Default Re: Who's going to be at Origins?

Originally Posted by Groknard View Post

...It looks to definitely be a "Legacy Edition", what TFT could have been with better tools and more time back in 1980.
I think that's the best news so far. I've always wanted the TFT that Steve would have made if he'd had far more resources. While I don't mind tweaks, clarifications, resolution of ambiguities and and fixes for obvious problems, I prefer that it remain mostly the TFT that I bought in 1979-1981.

There's been a lot of genetic drift among the TFT faithful, most of it mutually exclusive. I prefer that Steve remain faithful to his original vision.

- Steve with the playtest set
- Playtest box
- A Melee character from yesterday's game. He did not fare well.
- Prototype megahexes
- Megahexes and the dungeon map
- Map close-up
- Postcard style promo cards from front desk
- Postcard style promo cards from front desk (flipside)
- Got Steve to autograph some things I had laying around
It's real, folks. It's happening and it'll be here soon!
I believe this sums up my reaction:

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