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Default Ouchian Bargain with reduced cost mischief.

Hello, there!

I've come across a scenario where I am not sure the outcome. I'm not quite sure about the interaction of Ouchain Bargain and any cost-reduced spell. Let's say I were were to play Blood Geyser, and I use Give Blood 1 to reduce it from a gold cost of 3 to a gold cost of 1, but I interrupt my own spell and play Ouchian Bargain to take damage equal to my Blood Geyser, then take gold equal to that damage, do I take 1 damage or 3 damage?

Also same-ish question, but if I Ouchian Bargain against a Rain of Death that I had reduced with Human Wizard's ability, would I take 2 damage or 1 damage from Ouchian Bargain?

Absolutely love this game! Thank you!
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