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Originally Posted by ecz View Post
sorry for the question, what is a "SCA" camping event?
The SCA members take great pride and derive great enjoyment in making their own medieval weapons and armor, spar with them, and even make renaissance clothing, and even "mead", etc, etc - all very cool things - with your interest in TFT, you might want to check them out.

However, like any other large highly-focused and welcoming group, this can often be a magnet to attract a select smaller group of personalities who - as described in TFT as: Prootwaddles - can make the whole interaction unpleasant for others, with "quarrelsome and unruly" behaviors, or, who just seem to hang-around with the sole purpose and motivation of arguing for the point of arguing - like those guys who seem to always show up at a party and ruin the enjoyment for everyone else, work very hard at purposefully misconstruing and inventing drama, issues, and offense, where none is present; or routinely begin most conversations with: "I disagree".

And Prootwaddles can appear anywhere, alone and in groups; ever been to your local Barber Shop, or the United Nations?



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