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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#38): Dark Vision, Night Vision

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Should Night Vision bought as an Advantage allow this? Or would that require a a Perk or an Enhancement to the Advantage? If an Enhancement, what would the value be?
Realistic NVGs cause Color Blindness, No Depth Perception and No Peripheral Vision (Tactical Shooting, p19). All of these are temporary, of course. The infra-red vision they give isn't as good as Infravision, maybe a -30% on that.

So they're Night Vision 9, for a base [9], plus a limited Infravision worth [7] Technological -10%, Temporary Disadvantages worth [-10]+[-15]+[-15]%, total cost [8] or so. The Green Eyes perk (Tactical Shooting, p38) takes off 20% of the limitations, making NVGs worth about [11].

The raw advantage has none of those problems noted, although I'd find it hard to object if a GM ruled that it gave No Color Vision. I reckon you need to buy Infravision, likely with limitations, to get the IR illuminators effect.
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