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Default Re: Any chance for physical Prime Directive?

Originally Posted by Jean_Sexton View Post
Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for doing that.
Your welcome. that page had 22 views already, more than any other posted in the last two days. 8 from Twitter so far and I only have 114 followers (pretty sure one is a bot)
Hope it sells well!
Originally Posted by Jean_Sexton View Post
As is typical with the Star Fleet Universe books, ADB will be selling the print copies while Warehouse 23 is the source for PDFs. Fingers crossed that there aren't many typos to find.
I monitor W23 pretty well but please post here or somewhere I'm sure to see it when the print version comes out and I'll repost something. Every bit of advertising helps, especially if it costs the company nothing.
I thought about updating the Wiki entry but did not know where to start.
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