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Pleased to see you will be releasing the reprint of the Groo game that came out way back in 1997.

Please, please, please include the expansion as well.

[Edit: I should add why the expansion is important. It brings the total cards to 115. From the BGG entry: 'With only the base game the late game could sometimes stall as there weren't enough resources for the players to drive to a win. The additional cards prevent this stall and add many options to the game. They also bring in almost every iconic Groo character, event, and location.']

It sounds you will be linking Groo and your new version of WizWar together in the same KickStarter. That would be great if you could, as that will help reduce postage costs to the UK.

I heard about the WizWar reprint you are doing a little while ago, and thought, 'Count me in'. So Groo as well will be fantastic.

Another thing about KickStarters and delivery to the UK.

Are you aware of people like Second Chance Games and Spiral Galaxy Games (I think that is the latter's name - they are the same people as Gameslore the UK online shop, but this branch of the company deal solely with KS fulfillment)?

Second Chance Games does the UK/EU fulfillment of GMT's P500. (They mainly deal with wargames though.)

Spiral Galaxy Games have done KS fulfillment in the UK for Level99, eg Sakura Arms. The KS postage to the UK for all 3 boxes of Sakura Arms was just $18.

Basically, you (SJG) would mass bulk send all UK KS orders to these guys and then they send out the individual orders to all the KS backers in the UK/EU. This obviously massively reduces the cost of postage to the end user.

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