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The way points are distributed into skills I know that some skills cost more because they are more difficult it adds less of a bonus like if i put 12 points into occultism i get a +3 bonus but if I put 12 points into physician I get a +2 bonus how do I know which skills get what bonus according to points and I have been using gurps lite I am trying to gradually move into the whole game
Ah, you need to look at the Skill Cost table. This is on p170 in the Basic Set, or p13 in GURPS Lite. The values in the tables are the same, except that GURPS Lite doesn't have a column for Very Hard skills.

Occultism is an IQ/Average skill, which is marked at the start of the skill description on p212 of the Basic Set, or p16 in GURPS Lite. If you find the Average column in the table and read down to the row with 12 points, you'll see that gives you IQ+3. If your character had an IQ of 12, that would give them Occultism at (12+3) = 15. So roll against Occultism, you'd roll three six-sided dice. If the total of the dice was 15 or less, you'd succeed. If it was 16 or higher, you'd have failed.

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