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Default Re: [3rd edition] Power stones.

Also, in reply to Curmudgeon:

That has actually helped so much. But I just need you to go over this one part for me again. Its the part about quick and dirty castings and sure and steady castings or whatever. And how, after 2 failures of the spell you cannot increase the energy capacity of the powerstone. Bit confused about it.

Here is my question:

Say my powerstone is... 10 carat. (Meaning the max it could be is 10ST) would I have to cast 'Powerstone' 10 times on that stone to give it its full capacity? So that every time I cast Powersotne it adds 1 ST to the capacity of the stone ?
I think that is how it works right ? And then say if I was doing it over 10 days and did 1 quick and dirty casting every day (even though that just wouldn't be possible) and on the 4th and 5th day I failed both I couldn't get it above 3 ? Please tell me if what I have said here is correct or not. If not, please correct me.
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