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Default Re: Can In Nomine be resurrected?

While I'd be interested in a revised IN, I've zero interest in G:IN.

IN suffers from being "thematically troublesome" for public play... I'd not be comfortable running it at a pub, library, or game store... Which, at present is where I game. The "Satanic Panic" may not be front page news, there are still continuing echoes of it, especially in sociopolitically conservative areas of the US.

I'll also add that the SJG forums have a rep of hostility to non-GURPS games... It's largely false, but there seems to be a tendency to GURPS chauvinism. And that has impinged discussion somewhat... I know it disincentivized my own discussion just as much as both my inability to find a suitable group willing to play it, and a suitably non-public place to run it.
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