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Default Re: Dagger used as main gauche

Originally Posted by Helborn View Post
ITL pg 41 under Two Weapons: Any character can fight with two weapons at once if one of the weapons is a dagger, main-gauche, or spike shield, or if some combination like net-and-trident or two cesti is being used.
Also pg 111 under Left Hand Weapons: The left-hand dagger, or main-gauche, acts as a shield to parry 1 hit per attack, from non-missile, one-handed weapons only, from your front hexes. If you take an attack option, you can also make a separate dagger attack against the same enemy. It is rolled at -4 DX.
Neither one requires either the Fencing Talent or the Two Weapons Talent.

But "any character" does not get any of the benefits under either of those talents - all they can do is either attack with both weapons (with the 2nd attack at -4DX) or use the main weapon to attack and the dagger/main-gauche to parry. Note that without a talent, you can't parry with both(?!).
Ah, very good. I think this actually settles it.

Anyone can use a dagger in the left hand for two attacks, with the dagger at -4DX. There is no additional -1DX for this situation.

At least, that's how I read it. To be sure, as I've said a time or two, the mention of the spike shield seems to be in error. The literal interpretation is that anyone with a spike shield and a weapon can attack with the weapon shield rush in the same turn (-4DX for shield rush). I don't think that is intentional (and I also can't believe that were that the correct interpretation, it would apply only for spike shields and not other small shields).
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