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Default Re: Mixing Animation with Reality in GURPS

Originally Posted by Harbinjer View Post
I had the idea to run a one-shot in a world where cartoon characters are real.... Think Roger Rabbit or Space Jam, or that scene in Mary Poppins with the Penguins. Or that other scene in Mary Poppins....

But then I got nervous because I don't know how the cartoon "rules" balance with the "real world" rules. I mean... How does a cartoon take damage? Can they die? Do they worry about encumbrance, or can they just pull a mallet out of their pocket? And how much damage does that mallet do??

Has anyone tried this before? Is there a supplement I'm not aware of that would answer all my questions? Does anyone have any suggestions/inspiration/ideas?

IMHO the easiest thing is to built a series of Cartoon (Race) Templates.

As pointed out in the Challenge for settings:GURPS TOON thread there are variations in a toon's power.

Many Disney toons are the most "human" in the amount of damage they can take before dying though there are exceptions. Snow White for example would be effectively a strange looking human with human stats while someone like Goofy could take a lot more damage possibly getting into Unkillable territory.

WB toons are much the opposite extreme with nearly ever one of them seeming to having a variant of Unkillable 3. For example, Daffy has blown himself up several times in the cartoons going up into the air as a ghost/angel but is fine the next picture.

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