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Default Re: III-B and Ninja/Vulcan Conversions

Originally Posted by Izzy_B View Post
The thick plastic of the Ogres completely scares me away from trying to do cuts like that.
They are excessively thick, that is for sure. I generally prefer cutting with XActos rather than saws; and these take a lot of elbow grease to cut through.

The good news is that just gouging away at the inside can thin out the walls significantly. I started by deeply scoring the outside line of the cuts. Then, as I suspect the gouging might be getting close enough, I alternate with more scoring from the outside. When you start to see the scoring cause a line of discolouration on the inside, then the gouging is done and now it's time for pure cutting.

I alternate between the ever-popular #11 blade and my trusty #16 depending on which gives the best bite while rocking it back and forth.

You can really lean on the #16. I always use that in the ancestral pen-knife handle (it was my Grandfather's!) the butt end of it has a nice rounded shape that you can really press down with the palm of your hand. The newer pen-knife from XActo has a blunt end which isn't as great for leaning on.
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