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Default Re: [GAME] Incorporate a Cyberpunk Megacorp

Among my notes I'm keeping a timeline, so here's a share:

Megacorp 2099 Timeline

1830s Morgan Oceanic: Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company founded
2010s GA: General Analytics founded, became subject of bidding war
2012 TIO: Mateo Soto born in Bolivia
2019 real now
- California Earthquake- The Big One
- GA: General Analytics buy-back by Alastair Reynolds
- Indo-Pakistani war
- Japan Inc: UFJ Post and SMMN Financial buy up Japanese corps
- Slow down in computer hardware improvements
- World Cup
- TIO: Mateo Soto (26) becomes billionaire
- Proxy cyberwar between China, Russia, India, USA
2040 Japan Inc: Start reign of Choushun Empress, Aiko
- TIO: Copacabana rebuilt with Machu Picchu aesthetic
2053 TIO: Mateo Soto (41) killed
?? Morgan Oceanic: Marriage of Sophia Morgan and Prince of Dubai
?? Currency crisis, central banking resurgence
- Trends: Coto-coto music and Sulawesi street style become popular
- PAC: Formed from union of Uruguay, Brazil and Guyanas
2066 Crisis of 2066: SAI Raphael released into wild
- PAC: Expanded with Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba
2083 PAC: Union of Centroamerica joined compact
late 2080s
- PAC: Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras split from compact
2088 TIO: Steiner Acquisitions lost ICC seat, takeover by TIO. TIO expand into regional services
2094 PAC: Agent Gold released
2096 GA Rationalist 4350- Spinoza NAI system release
- Current year
- TIO CEO: youngest of Soto's 21 children is at least 46 yo, oldest could be 70
World Wikis:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Fantasy: Dominion Cross
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
Steampunk: Colonial Steam

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