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Question 16 [STG] - Pan America Compact
Who are the member states of the PAC?
What major issue is the PAC currently faced with?
Answer 16 [STG]
The Pan American Compact was formed in the mid-2060s, with the union of Uruguay, Brazil, and the Guyanas. During the 2070s, it expanded steadily bringing Colombia, Ecuador, and Cuba into the fold. It reached its largest extent, after the Union of Centroamerica joined the pact in 2083.

In the late 2080s, agitation by the rogue states of Bolivia, Venezuela, and Dominica and persistent low-intensity conflict took its toll, breaking Ecuador, Haiti, and Honduras from the pact. Yanqui adventurers spurred on by a more active American foreign policy threatened to tear away Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the rest of Central America from the PAC, but it was able to endure these threats.

These days, PAC is faced with the same old problems; popular guerrilla armies spread terror against land-owners and the wealthy in the countryside, paramilitaries backed by the rich spread their own terror to cow the poor into silence, and narcotics help fund the whole operation. Corporations have only caused more trouble; as their own private armies pay little attention the politics of the situation. When a bomb levels a corporate office, the corporate commandos don't care if it was guerillas or the paramilitaries. The middle classes tend to rally around the corporations, because they tend to be caught in the crossfire of the paramilitary-guerrilla struggle and the corporations are seemingly the only group dealing with the situation.

Rogue states (including Honduras, Venezuela, Bolivia, and others) continue to cause trouble and finance rebels in the PAC. Hardliners (led by El Salvador, Colombia and Cuba) favor a regime change either through invasion or espionage, while moderates (led by Brazil, Costa Rica and Uruguay) favor diplomacy. Argentina remains a peer competitor to PAC; the Brazilian rivalry has kept them away from PAC, though they cooperate to contain the rogues. Paraguay has carefully balanced itself between Argentina and PAC, which has brought favorable trade and wealth to its country. Peru remains receptive to relations with PAC, but a strong presence of Japan Inc. in the country has been the main stumbling block to closer ties. Chile favors relations with PAC, but has ruled it out for the foreseeable because it is too far away.

Question 29 [STG] - North Americans
How have the North American countries fared over the last hundred years? How have they reacted to events in Central and South America?
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