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Question 23 [MC]
If the current head of TIO's external security division was to decide that a certain person or persons needed to disappear how would they go about it?
Answer 23 [MC]- TIO External Security Division: SegParapet
The current head of TIO:SegParapet is Colonel Liana Deca Vieira, ex-Brazilian Army Special Forces, who then achieved her rank in PAC Command Intelligence Corps.

Colonel Vieira is understandably resourceful, so she has a number of options available when she is needed to exercise lethal discretion, depending on the particular circumstances. She has applied codenames for the different brands of sanction, such as The Rod, The Roster and The Cooler Box. These names only apply for designated kill-missions, and each asset might be more generally known by a different term.

23a) The Rod- Palisade Strike Teams
For situations where Vieira wants to send a message that this megacorp is not to be messed with or where deniability of a termination is not paramount, she uses The Rod. Using The Rod means employing a Palisade Team, a squad of TIO paramilitary elite cyber commandos. They have access to top-line equipment and ware, they are highly trained, and they are fast, deadly and effective. However, they are a military solution, so they may leave a lot of bodies and smoking ruins behind. Vieira employs The Rod for local gang bosses who are becoming a nuisance to regional management, to recover lost tech or intel and terminate the thieves, to target guerrilla leaders that have been ambushing corporate convoys, and other such missions where it doesn't matter too much if anyone finds out who is responsible and where political or PR blowback is not an issue.

Palisade operators may be veterans from other militaries or they may be graduates from TIO's Gargoyle Project.

[Further answers inbound]


Thematic suggestion:
As a linking theme, how about we have TIO internal departments, projects and missions use architectural terms for their naming convention?

I've used SegParapet (with Portuguese seguridad=security), Palisade Team and Gargoyle Project here, but we can add series numbers (e.g. Gargoyle-9's) or other modifiers (e.g. Palisade Steel) if necessary.

TIO consumer products and facilities should adopt some other set of naming conventions though.


Question 28 [MC]- Gargoyle Project
What kind of training, bio- and/or cyber enhancement do elite soldiers put through (or created by) TIO's Gargoyle Project receive? What does a Gargoyle look like and what can they do? Does the project have any.... issues?
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