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Default Re: A Couple Clarifications

Originally Posted by Gidoza View Post
The other option is to just take the potion and toss it directly on the pile of items buffing a monster, thus giving other players no verbal warning of its use, therefore completing the action before they can react.
That's logic based on a stack system. It also ignores the fact that one-shot Items (as well as other cards, like Monster Enhancers) can be played from the hand to affect the combat immediately. From the strictest interpretation, you must play the card to actually play it, and that's the one we officially stand by. Declaring your intent means nothing, because you can choose not to follow through, without penalty when it comes to discussing what cards you might play. And since you can't just win the combat without giving the other players a reasonable amount of time to stop you, then everyone has a chance to "react" by playing cards that can change the situation from the player winning to losing again. Of course, there are few cards which could immediately cancel the just played card as well, but the card must be played for you to be able to play them. Again, a player's expressed intent on what cards he's going to play is not to be taken that he has played them until he has actively moved them from the table in front of him or taken them from his hand and added them to the combat.
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