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Default Re: A Couple Clarifications

First off, unlike certain "other" games you might be familiar with, there is no "stack" mechanism for playing cards. Each card or action is fully resolved before the next can be played. So by the time someone announces that they want to use a one-shot item, it's too late for you to do anything to effect it. Similarly, once you've kicked down the door, you need to resolve any curse that you turn up before you could do anything else.
This makes sense to me, but if this is the case, I feel as though the FAQ question I quoted provided an answer with very ambiguous and unhelpful language. The phrase, "Use of a Curse could destroy an Item as you try to use it" suggests something quote other than what is being described here. I'm not dwelling on this to be picky, but I'm dwelling on this because in the FAQ there are *VERY* frequent references to the phrases "read the card" and "specific says so" and so on, and if the game is going to be this specific about grammar in order to indicate what a card does, then the descriptions of how game process works need to be just as rigorous or it'll leave a person confused, as I still am.

As for "really impressive title," for much the same reason, I could ask why it isn't an item. Given that the yellowish/goldish card backgrounds always indicate an item, it's confusing to be presented with a card of the same background that isn't what all the others are. Yes, I agree that you can't "steal" a title, and your comment that it isn't an item makes perfect sense to me, but from a game rules perspective I would never assume this: it simply isn't obvious. Something more needs to go on the card to make it more clear.

In any case, though, your answers are helpful and I appreciate them. Thanks! :)
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