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Default Re: A Couple Clarifications

First off, unlike certain "other" games you might be familiar with, there is no "stack" mechanism for playing cards. Each card or action is fully resolved before the next can be played. So by the time someone announces that they want to use a one-shot item, it's too late for you to do anything to effect it. Similarly, once you've kicked down the door, you need to resolve any curse that you turn up before you could do anything else.

There are a number of items that don't require hands, feet, a torso (armor) or head. These are "slotless" and you can wear as many as you have. For instance the singing and dancing sword hangs out next to you, so you don't need hands to wield it.

Curses like "lose one small item" or "lose one big item" might be able to destroy them, as would "Annihilation". But since the curse-ee gets to pick what he'd lose, they're probably harder to get rid of.

The "really impressive title" isn't an item at all, although it provides a persistent bonus. So a thief couldn't even steal it.
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