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Default Re: No Mention of Hireling Before Munchkin 4?

Thanks for agreeing to look into it. For reference when you follow this up, the sets that miss out the Hirelings & Cheating rule are:
  • Super Munchkin Sidekicks
  • Munchkin Axe Cop Allies
  • Munchkin Bites! Minions
  • Munchkin Fu Mooks
  • Munchkin Impossible Hirelings (the sacrifice rule isn't listed for these either)
  • Star Munchkin Sidekicks

The sets that do list the rule are:
  • Munchkin (4,5 & 8) Hirelings
  • Munchkin Conan Comrades
  • The Good, The Bad and The Munchkin Sidekicks

I also just discovered that you can change the sex of a Sidekick in TGtBatM with any card that would change a munchkin's sex. Hadn't noticed that particular set-specific rule before either...
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