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Default Re: [Basic] Duration of Advantages with Preparation Required limitation

Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
The text is clear that one "casting" lasts a day, but that seems like free point break for most of the time. Immediate Preparation Required fits thematically, but that'd be even more (arguably) free points.
Considering that they are "praying over and consecrating an area", there's your "it's definitely not a 'free points' thing" right there.

It's being used to prepare an area in which they now get the Talent while performing work in the area for that day.

In this case it's clearly being aimed at craftsmen, but if you want to allow it to apply beyond craftsmen, then you could gin up a whole system around it, allowing a warrior to ritually prepare the combat area by say, hastily inscribing a line (establishing the are in which the talent will apply) or calling out the foes he plans to defeat (establishing the enemies the Talent will work on) or even declaring his intentions with clarity ("I dedicate all foes I kill to you oh Marduk!").

Like you could decide even that how long the Talent lasts will also depends on how well they can make a Reaction Roll to invoke the 'powers that be" (which could be modified by taking extra time with the ritual preparations, sacrificing resources, swearing oaths (taking temporary Disads), etc).
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