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Originally Posted by Alonsua View Post
Shouldnt this be determined with Diplomacy rolls?
Well, as long as you keep in mind that modifiers of +10 and -10 for Task Difficulty Modifiers are a thing and that some reactions and attitudes are effectively fixed. Changing them would require many more skills than Diplomacy and a single roll, more likely a series of rolls over years.

Basically, if you want even remotely plausible settings, you probably shouldn't expect simple Quick Contests to produce usable results if they happen in a vacuum without the GM considering how complicated and difficult certain things are in real life. It's perfectly within the GURPS rule system to say 'You'll have to win a Regular Contest of Propaganda vs. population Will for that, before you get to the Politics and Diplomacy part of the plan. Roll once per year, with a +6 TDM to the Will for powerful forces of inertia and entrenched interests working against your goals'.
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