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I can't imagine either party supporting repeal of the major antitrust laws, or of the laws enabling the Food and Drug Administration to regulate new medications. And wouldn't you need something like that to be done? Are you envisioning a way the various mergers can be put on hold for four years, without so alarming the general population as to send them back to the established parties?

Note that if support for the established parties does come back, the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election every even-numbered year; the new party could be swept out again as readily as it was swept in.
Yes, I noticed that it is very expensive, but it is possible that I have miscalculated the costs, because basically I assumed that, since the votes are direct, each candidate must be publicized individually, while it is completely possible that advertising the party would be enough. If this last possibility is closed, it is still preferable to maintain expenses for four or six years than to start a war (99 billion dollars for a 100% success against 100.8 billion dollars for a 50% success).

4.7 billion dollars seems a much more reasonable figure (the total expenses for that year seems to have been 6.2 billion dollars in total).

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