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Default Re: [DF] Backstabber powerup from DF11

Disappear canonically defaults to Stealth-10, per p. 16 of Action 3. This assumes the base -5 plus another -5 in miscellaneous penalties. The maximum removable penalty is -10. Recording this as a technique that defaults at -10 is purely a notational convenience that makes this clear.

As far as DF is concerned, techniques don't even exist. The note showing how the power-up was built is just there for GMs who want to improvise. As such, it uses the canonical technique from Action 3 rather than a special DF version that defaults at Stealth-5. That way, the extra -5 from encumbrance, lack of cover, etc. is built in. I could have created a variant that started at Stealth-5 and went up to Stealth+5, but that would have been troublesome, as you'd never actually use Stealth+5; at most, you can wipe out penalties enough to use full Stealth. Also, it would mean two techniques with the same name and different defaults.
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