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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#52): Extra Attack

Originally Posted by Devil_Dante View Post
So, rof is not the mechanical limit? I can get it.. I mean, most semi automatic weapons could fire more than 3 shots.. But I treated rof as a "rule" to balance fire weapons..
Anyway, fast firing is a very useful tech no know, and your build is pretty legit! I mean, you can reach, what? 12 shots per round? With extra attack you can divide shots between 3 people.. 4 bullets per person.. Well, is that a super o cyber campaign, if you Don t mind my curiosity.
As far as I know, Extra Attack, even with the Multistrike enhancement, doesn't change RoF. So he's limited to the maximum effects from Fast-Firing, which is RoF 9. More than RoF 5-6, though, and even if you have the Fast-Firing technique at full skill, some extra penalties kick in that will usually give you more penalties than any possible benefit.

That kind of rapid fire is only useful for trying to make your pistol emulate a machine gun and laying down suppressive fire, which neatly fits reality, as Fairbairn and Applegate taught fast-firing to WWII commandos for precisely that reason.


Jade Serenity

Our campaign, Jade Serenity, actually has written recaps on these forums, not to mention a lot of other threads about it. It's about emerging supers in a world otherwise indistinguishable from ours in February 2017 (when we started playing).

Everyone who has begun to exhibit extraordinary gifts, such as enhanced strength, health, learning ability, coordination, senses or stranger things, has some connection with Project Jade Serenity, an experiment in 1998-2000 with various nootropic and performance-enhancing drugs on volunteers from the United States Army Special Forces, candidates going through Special Forces Qualifying Course and airborne-qualified SOF support personnel, or several smaller research projects that pre-date it.

Project Jade Serenity was badly administered and the trial protocols were a mess. Multiple trials were ongoing at the same time and personnel participated in more than one, with no way to account for drug interaction, and a lot of people got their hands on various chemicals without being in the right test group. Either someone was running a scam or he had deeper reasons to want the experimental data given to the Army to be unusable and uninformative.

After a shocking, but appparently mundane scandal where a soldier who had apparently been caught with recreational chemicals smuggled on base had his court martial delayed in order to finish the current round of testing and ended up escaping, with some deaths occuring during the escape, Project Jade Serenity was shut down.

Both officially and unofficially, as far as anyone apparently knew, it had been an embarrassing failure. Some people lost their jobs. Two people federal employees even got suspended jail sentences for improper filing of paperwork, which everyone knew meant they were the ones who took the fall for a lot of stolen or missing supplies, like a lot of the test drugs.

Dr. Edward Vanderbert, the lead doctor on the Project and the consultant who had sold the Pentagon on testing his nootropic drugs, mysteriously disappeared. No one looked too hard, as those who really knew how badly he's swindled Uncle Sam also tended to have been, at the very least, guilty of astonishing naivety and poor oversight.

So a lot of things were swept under the rug, as much as possible, not to hide a conspiracy, but embarrassing incompetence. The murders and desertion were investigated as murders and desertion, but no one told the CID officers all that much about the Project itself, and no one wanted to catch the escapees, because a trial would have washed a lot of dirty laundry in public.

If the former test subjects hadn't mostly remained in rude health, peak physical condition and demonstrated consistently excellent performance in the course of their military duties, probably nothing more would have happened. But by 2009 or so, the former test subjects could hardly avoid whispering among themselves how all of them were just getting better and better at their physically demanding profession of Green Berets, instead of slowing down slightly and picking up more aches and pains with every year, like their fellow soldiers from other units.

And over time, the changes have grown beyond subtle health benefits and little by little, the former test subjects find themselves becoming some sort of supersoldiers. Some of them experience changes way beyond what any theory of biology or even physics seems able to explain.

It was inevitable that some of those who knew about that old, failed project would start to connect the dots. The original goal of Project Jade Serenity had been to make better soldiers, who'd learn faster, retain critical skills longer and have better situational awareness. These Green Berets are all of that... and more. Also, stronger, faster, smarter, tougher and seemingly immune to the detrimental effects of growing older, at least into their sixties, for the oldest of them. And there are those few exceptional individuals with even more dramatic abilities...

The focus of the campaign is the secretive Joint Task Force (JTF) Onyx Rain, a joint DoD/Homeland Security effort to investigate, contain and handle the fallout of Project Jade Serenity. It may or may not be properly authorised by Congress and/or the President (prior or current), which means it may or may not be an illegal and unconstitutional conspiracy.

Two PCs (mine included) are former test subjects, one is a doctor who worked on Project Jade Serenity and one is a federal employee of Onyx Rain (who is secretly the son of a former test subject). They all work for Onyx Rain, with varying degrees of choice and willingness involved.
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